Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Angel Academy of Art - The Academic Process

Michael John Angel has had a profound impact on those who have had the good fortune to study with him. In 1997 he established his first school in Florence, the Angel Academy of Art. "Dedicated not only to passing on his love for classical and traditional art, but also to instilling the disciplines that lead to successful mastery of the techniques necessary for representational painting." For those of you looking to study drawing and painting in the old-master tradition, grounded on the teaching techniques of the 19th century European academies, I highly recommend you consider the Angel Academy of Art

Part 3 of the series "The Academic Process" has recently been released on the Angel Academy of Art's youtube page. They are definitely worth watching.




  1. Thanks for posting these Michael and thanks for your blog. I look forward to finding out more about the Canadian art scene.

  2. What a great overview of the academic process. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Thanks. Yes these are great videos. Glad to share them. I would have loved to have found a school like this when I was younger.