Monday, January 3, 2011

Artist Profile : Scott James Owles

A Daughter's Gift

One size fits all


A Gaze to a Glare

I have  always been drawn to anything done with skill, quality and care. Getting a chance to see work by Scott Owles certainly falls into that category.

There is a charm in Scott's work that is hard to ignore, especially when viewing his paintings in person. The quality of the craftsmanship is exceptional. The paint feels rich, controlled, never excessive. There seems to be only what is needed. Collectors and artists alike have a great appreciation for the skill that Scott brings to his work, a skill that is balanced with his ability to tell a story as he explores visual language through painting. Each piece is definitely saying something and as an art lover it is a very engaging experience to stand before his work and listen to what is being said.

Scott James Owles was born in 1964, in Peterborough, Ontario. In 1973, he and his family moved to Toronto.  In 1987, while studying at Ontario College of Art Scott was introduced to artist Michael John Angel at his studio and soon after decided to become a student in his school. Michael John Angel's rich understanding of the place of art in the tradition of Western liberal humanity helped Scott to experience art at a deeper level.  In 1990, he traveled to Florence, Italy for an in-depth study of painting. Since then, Scott has been actively producing works that are uniquely his own, yet steeped with historical language.

"I see my work as the acquisition of an understanding, the most essential comprehension of art as a visual language; exploring both the techniques and practices of those from centuries past. Like any language, to survive it must grow, and this growth comes from an understanding of its past or tradition with a firm grasp on the present and an eye forward."

Scott currently lives with his wife, artist Bonnie Bews and daughter in Muskoka where he also works and teaches out of his studio.

Scott James Owles is represented by Ingram Gallery in Toronto.

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  1. I love painters with skill and technique. Thanks for bringing Scott to our attention.